Andrew Ye


Hi! I’m Andrew, a second-year at Case Western Reserve University studying computer science and mathematics. I grew up in Seattle, WA and Hong Kong. My interests lie in artificial intelligence, algorithms, and finance. As such, I am currently involved in several research projects that lie at the heart of their intersections (see publications). In my free time, I like to solve puzzles, play piano (current favorite: Liszt), and be with my dog. I also like to write down things of interest – or of no interest – in my blog.

With the support of professors Shuai Xu and Vipin Chaudhary, I founded and currently lead quant[at]CWRU, a research group of undergraduates and post-grads focused on integrating current paradigms in machine learning to solve hard financial tasks. I also work with:

Broadly, some questions in AI that I am interested in addressing include:

Previously, I worked with Angel Alban to create better healthcare systems as an intern for Zventus.